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Star trek sound design explained, must see!

Star Trek sound design with Ben Burtt. Field recording of industrial machine included

How does your space helmet sound? Ask gravity sound designers...

Mr Freemantle reveals how the sound effects of Gravity were made in this essential Verge article.

Izotope Iris is the ideal tool for sound creators

Izotope has the best tool to combine your sounds with that piece of great software thats is Iris. Bring the noise and enjoy!

New Whoosh plug-in for Reaktor

The new plug-in from Meltedsounds has arrived. Ready to rumble in Reaktor!

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on Sound design by Jem Godfrey

A really interesting article about sound design published on Sound on Sound

Beautiful short about field recording

A short by Walley Films about Justin Boyd

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Waves sound design Suite

Everyone interested in sound design should really have a look at this suite of indispensable plug-ins for sound creators. Check that here : http://www.waves.com/bundles/sound-design-suite

It features the L2 and C4 limiter/maximizer/compressor to make your sounds sound loud and crunchy.

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